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Blogroll: The Montgomery Clift Blogathon

Well, better late than never!

The past few weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride for me owing to a number of family issues, so I do apologize the lengthy delay in getting this together. But I’m finally back in a space where I feel comfortable, again, being at the keyboard. There are a number of things coming down the pike, but first things first: the Montgomery Clift Blogathon Blogroll!

In honor of Monty’s 99th birthday, and in celebration of the release of the new documentary Making Montgomery Clift, fans penned their own personal thoughts about Clift’s work. Three lucky participants also received a copy of the film: congratulations to Trudy, Keisha, and Nisha-Anne!

For everyone else who participated, a tremendous, heartfelt THANK YOU!

For posterity’s sake, here is the full list of the blogathon participants:

Nisha-Anne of Dream in Dizzy Sunlight: “Montgomery and Me: A Personal Journey.”

Trudy Ring, exclusive to CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch: “Raintree County.”

Erica of Poppity Talks Classic Film: Monty Clift on my mind: A conversation about ‘Wild River’ (1960)

Haley Van Horn of Suddenly, Last Blogspot: “I Confess”

Keisha of CinemaCities: Montgomery Clift’s Oscar Nominated Performances.

Kristen of I Think, Therefore I Review: “Wild River Remains a Lovely Film Study”

Nickie of Nickie’s Vintage Life: “Montgomery Clift.”

Carley of The Hollywood Scrapbook: “When Monty Met Liz.”

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