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Welcome to the Hollywood Scrapbook!

Welcome to the Hollywood Scrapbook!
Hollywood Scrapbook Series 1

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Hi everybody and welcome to the Hollywood Scrapbook!

We’re a new podcast dedicated to the people, places, and politics of Hollywood’s golden age. My name is Carley Michelle Hildebrand, and I’ve spent the last 10 years blogging about classic film history … so I am very excited to bring that passion and knowledge to a fun, new-to-me medium. You can listen to us here and on iTunes so…subscribe now!

Think of the Scrapbook is part Junior year history lesson, part failed Ken Burns documentary, part neighborhood dive bar and part poor-man’s Lux Radio hour. Each month, we’ll get to know the men and women behind the bright Hollywood lights, piecing together their world through archival interviews, essays, and even a surprise guest here and there.

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